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Positive Hack Days CTF is an international information security contest.

The contest is conducted according to the CTF (Capture the Flag) game principles. The idea of the game is that several teams (10-12) protect their networks and attack the networks of their competitors during 8 hours. The aim of the contestants is to detect and fix vulnerabilities on their side and exploit them to gain access to sensitive information (flags) of competitor teams.

The key distinction of PHD CTF from similar contests is its closeness to real-life conditions. All prepared vulnerabilities are not fictional but occur in contemporary information systems. The CTF participants will get a unique opportunity to try their skills in real-life situations and develop their own solutions aimed at information resources protection.

To add some special appeal to the contest, the PHD CTF organizers prepare the game infrastructure and add all changes within one plot (legend). Such conditions create remarkable atmosphere and make the Positive Hack Days CTF contest to stand out against any other similar contests.

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